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Honest Data is a market research agency. We use surveys, focus groups,  and other forms of research to collect feedback from consumers and customers. We study human psychology and behavior. 


Our team is extremely curious and analytical. We dig through complex data sets to understand consumer behavior and preferences. We help our clients make data-driven decisions related to products and marketing.


We generally present our findings to an executive-level audience. We know that they are busy so we focus on the most important insights needed to understand consumers and make an informed decision.


Everyone on our team has at least 10 years of research experience. Many of us have worked on both the "client" side and the "vendor" side. We do not have, or use, junior analysts.


We handle every aspect of a research project from research design to final presentations. We manage the process thoughtfully and we understand how every stage needs to come together.


We take our work very seriously and we have very high standards for research. We don't cut corners and we work hard to make sure that our clients are satisfied. We take pride in what we do.




Brand tracking, concept testing, message testing, habits and practices research, MaxDiff, segmentation, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, purchase funnel research, customer journey research, PR research, pricing research, reputation research, ad testing, campaign evaluation, custom studies, etc.

Focus Groups


Concept testing, product testing, message testing, competitive intelligence, ad testing, consumer segmentation, personal development, habits and practices research, startup prep for meeting with investors, custom, etc. 

Phone Interviews


Executive level interviews (B2B), brand tracking, habits and practices, pain points exploration, rapid qualitative research, product testing, customer satisfaction, rejector research, consumer segmentation, custom, etc. 

How can we help your team? To discuss your research needs, please send us an email at research@honestdata.com We have zero sales people and none of our employees are on commission. Everyone at Honest Data is a researcher. So when you contact our team, we'll do everything possible to make sure research can help you business. 

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