Step 1: people donate their data

It's fast, easy, and free. Just take a 60-second survey here to answer some basic questions about your household. Once you've answered these questions, we'll add your data to our "Data Library." Our goal is to get millions of Americans to donate.


Step 2: companies pay for data


Some basic information about you and your household is very valuable to advertisers. It helps them build better products and show the right ads to the right people. If advertisers want to access the Data Library, they have to pay a licensing fee. They also have to follow strict privacy requirements. Your donated data is kept secure and you have the ability to remove it from the Data Library at any time.

Step 3: together we fight depression

We believe that a Data Library could raise millions or even billions of dollars for the fight against depression. For this to work, we need millions of Americans to date their data and we need thousands of companies to license the data. We commit to sending 95% of the proceeds from the Data Library to grants for FREE resources and treatment options for people struggling with depression. Please donate your data to SAVE LIVES.