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Brand Tracking

How is awareness, consideration, and purchase behavior changing for your brand versus competitors over time? Is your marketing driving an increase in brand health?

Concept Testing

What type of product or service would be most appealing to your target audience? Should you launch product A, B, or C? Why are some concepts more appealing than others?

Ad Testing

Does your advertisement make sense to consumers? Is the message compelling? Do they remember your brand? Does the core offer stand out from the "noise" around it?


Who is your ideal customer? What makes them unique in terms of demographics and psychographics? Where can you find them (in terms of media consumption) and who is already serving them (competitors)?


How should your products and advertising vary based on the audience? Do different audiences have different styles? Do they use different words? Do they respond to different images? How is their life unique?

Message Testing

What is the most compelling way to talk about the value proposition, product benefits, or special offers for your brand? Why are some headlines more compelling than others?

Custom Research Projects

In addition to the common types of projects shown above, we also do a lot of custom research for our clients. A client will come to us with a business problem and we will work with them to figure out the best research approach to explore the topic at hand and support a decision in the near future. We use qualitative research, quantitative research, and sometimes a mix of both whenever appropriate. We are a full-service agency, so we typically handle every step of the project including strategic planning, hypothesis generation, research design, research recruiting, survey programming, focus group moderation, participant incentives, data analysis, report writing, executive presentations, and "what comes next" planning sessions.

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