Research Services


We use research to help our clients build better products and deliver better marketing

We are a full-service agency, so we handle every aspect of a project including design, fielding, and analysis.

Most of our projects are custom research initiatives, completed in just 3-4 weeks for a cost of $30,000 to $50,000.

All of our projects are extremely confidential, but we can share the types of questions our clients ask: 

  • What are the most important features to include in our product?
  • How can we differentiate our product relative to the competition?
  • How do consumers feel about our industry and our peers?
  • Is our marketing improving the health of our brand? Is it working?
  • How should we articulate the benefits of our product or service?
  • Why are customers leaving after one purchase (or none at all)?
  • Which markets should we target for our next big advertising campaign?
  • Who is our "target customer?" Who should we focus our efforts on?
  • How can we drive more sales? Should we lower our prices?
  • How do consumers feel about our newest video ads? Are they compelling?

Most of our clients come to us with a business problem, not necessarily a research request

Sometimes, market research can help our clients make an informed decision, and we offer options to consider. 

Other times, market research is not the right solution, so we suggest alternatives (like A/B testing) for clients to consider.

As our name suggests, we take pride in our honesty and transparency. We always try to offer unbiased advice.

How Can We Help?

Let's talk about your research needs. 

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